QUICK, which stands for Quick User Interface Construction Kit, is a Delphi library which aims at accelerating the development of
graphical user interfaces as well as giving developers the possibility to create beautiful GUI's for their software.

QUICK is currently based on the http://www.graphics32.org/ library
which is the fastest CPU accelerated 2D rendering graphics library available for Delphi as of today.

In this day and age, beautiful GUI's are a must in order to capture the mainstream audince's attention.

Not only do we need custom design in our software, we also need high perfrormance.

Creating such GUI's are nowhere near as easy as it might seem.

Windows VCL are not appealing to the avarage user, therefor I created QUICK.

Not only is the visual satisfaction a problem with windows standard VCL,
creating custom GUI's is much much harder than it should be, and that's why I created QUICK.

QUICK used to go under the name XGEL, which I started developing around 2010, but not only is the name "XGEL" a tounge-wrecker,
the code was very unorganized and the utilization of the Graphics32 library was not fully optimized.
And it wasn't very developer-friendly.

I stopped developing XGEL in 2012 and brought it back to life this year, 2014.

I did a pretty big change to XGEL, mainly the name, as well as organized the code better,
stripped away tons of code that made the units hard to read and understand, and made everything cleaner.

So now we have QUICK, Quick User Interface Construction Kit.

To learn more about the awesome library Graphics32, please visit the project website at www.graphics32.org