Most recent version of QUICK is 0.2

Released 7 November2014

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Features / Changelog:

  • Movement animation
  • Opacity animation
  • Nested objects
  • Plugins
  • Object Movement Direction Constraint.
  • QObject Bitmaps now have Aspect Ratio settings as well as bitmap alignment settings, Bitmap Resampling and Bitmap Masking.
  • Easy access to animation settings via TQView


  • Please refer to the changelogs inside each QUICK Lib units

Known bugs:

  • Children within children jump to position 0x0 when mouse is moved outside its parent
  • Child redraw is not fully optimized
  • Moving the mouse inside an object (both the object in quesition AND its children) will constantly send a OnMouseEnter notification
  • Object bitmap mask will nor work correctly if mask isn't the same size as the Source Bitmap

Info: Bugs that are lined out mean that the bug has been fixed for the upcoming release

Download here

More about the features


QUICK has its own animation system similar to Delphis AnimateInt and AnimateFloat,
however QUICKs animation system is not as elegant as Delphis, but performs in certain cases better.

QUICKs animation system allows for any TComponent descendant to be animated
given that the component has a procedure with two parameters with the type of SINGLE available
and that the procedure is exposed in the Published clause.

QUICKs animation system allows for custom calculators which gives developers the power
to create custom animation timelines.

Right now there are three calculators available

  • Instant
  • Linear
  • Half Sinus

Half sinus will probably be the most used one as it results in a fast animation startup and
slowly speeds down.

Nested objects

QUICK allows object nesting, which means that you can create objects within objects.

One example could be if you'd like to create a scrollbar.

To create a scrollbar you just need to create a wide and thin object,
and within that object you create a static child at the very left,
a movable child in the middle, and a static child at the very right.

Now you have something that behaves like a scrollbar.

Another example is if you'd like to create a list of thumbnails for images.

You create an object with required size, and the create children which
represent the thumbnails within that object.

Possibilites are endless.


QUICK also allows for plugins which manipulate objects appereance or position.