Frequently asked questions

Q: Why do you re-invent the wheel? I mean Firemonkey already does what QUICK does, but better!

A: Firemonkey is a lot more versatile, that is true.
But the performance of Firemonkey is very, very, very poor.
Firemonkeys "hardware accelerated" performance performs
worse than QUICK.

Q: Is QUICK hardware accelerated?

A: No, because Graphics32 is the core library which QUICK builds upon,
and Graphics32 isn't hardware accelerated.
And by hardware acceleration i refer to GPU utilization, not CPU.

Q: QUICK used to be XGEL. What's the difference?

A: QUICK is at the moment a stripped down version of XGEL.
The reason I stripped XGEL down is because the code of XGEL was no way near maintainable.

The animation handling code was poorly written.

The animation handling code of QUICK on the other hand
is more elegant, maintainable, easy to read and a little more customizable in the sense that you can define custom calculators.

Also, a lot of features in XGEL such as Area-of-interest, Preferred-position and many other features were implemented
right in to TGRObject (now called TQObject in QUICK).

This made the code very big and hard to maintain.

The mentioned features can now be implemented in forms of Plugins, which exist in QUICK.

So QUICK is a newer more elegant version of XGEL and should be a lot more maintanable.