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QUICK is a Delphi library which is designed to let developers easily create GUI's, which also is fast to implement, and has high performance.

QUICK, which stands for Quick User Interface Construction Kit, is a Delphi library which aims at accelerating the development of
graphical user interfaces as well as giving developers the possibility to create beautiful GUI's for their software.

NEWS: QuickLib 0.2 Release today (7 Nov 2014)

Please visit the forum for more release information

Where do we go from here?

I need help, where can I get support?

How can I contribute?

If you'd like to contribute you could always go to the forum and share code and discuss.
Other ways to contribute is by making a donation which helps a lot.

How are the donations spent?

I was directed here from the XGEL Sourceforge page. What's going on? Read the FAQ